how it works

DreamFu  creates an interaction medium where individuals who have a great idea are able to build  with
the confidence of mentor and community support.

At DreamFu every idea has a real shot at success
Be An Entrepreneur


Provide a platform where people can start working on all of
the components needed to start a business


Add company builders, investors, visionaries, and successful
entrepreneurs to mentor these budding entrepreneurs.


Employ fellow DreamFu entrepreneurs and recruit members in your local community to ensure success.  


who back a startup idea invest their time and capital to build a


Raise capital to launch and build version 1. Get inside help
to find the right builders for your needs.


Use a revolutionary prototyping engine at low cost to create a
minimal viable product that allows entrepreneurs to test their product for market fit and  acquire user feedback.


Analyze feedback, modify, iterate. Repeat until you know
you have the right product for the right market.

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